THE SERIES With the series B-600, OPTIKA Microscopes sets a new record in the quality-to-price ratio. The extraordinary characteristics of a series of highly professional microscopes are now within reach for all laboratories, thereby meeting the needs of those who are looking for a prime quality instrument, even though they do not have considerable budgets available. The series B-600 microscopes are instruments specifically designed for use in a laboratory, where high optical and mechanical quality as well as sturdiness to guarantee longer life is required. NEW 30/60° ERGONOMIC HEAD OPTICAL SYSTEM & OBJECTIVES The series B-600 microscopes are equipped, depending on the various models, with two different types of optical system: 160 mm standard and infinity corrected system (IOS). In both cases the field diameter of the system is 22 mm. All models in the B-600 series are equipped with plan achromatic objectives. The models with IOS system have mounted plan achromatic objectives corrected to infinity. Depending on the models, different sets of objectives are included in the package. MICROSCOPE STAND The modern stand design, with accessible and ergonomic controls, complements and enhances the instrument’s usability. HEADS They are available in binocular and in trinocular version suitable for photography/ video applications. Both heads are equipped with interpupillary distance control (51-78 mm) as well as with dioptric compensation that takes place on the left eyepiece holder tube. EWF10x/22 eyepieces also suitable for people wearing spectacles. All heads are 360° rotatable and 30° inclined. CONDENSER Included in the package is an Abbe type condenser with double numerical aperture 0,22/1,22 selectable by means of a dedicate knob. It can be centred through a double-control system and adjusted in height through a rack-and-pinion mechanism by means of control knobs located on both sides of the microscope stand. The condenser is also fitted with an iris diaphragm whose aperture can be adjusted through a ring nut with graduated reference scale. SPECIMENT STAGE This large-sized (175x145mm) stage is fitted with a graduated translation mechanism (double 0.1mm vernier) operated by a rack-and-pinion system with coaxial controls mounted in a comfortable position beneath the specimen stage. The object slide clamp accepts up to two specimens at the same time. The standard rectangular stage may be replaced by a rotating stage for polarized light (optional feature).

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